Why do men like anal sex?

Despite sexual freedom and lack of any moral barriers between sex partners in our days, many girls and women wonder why their partners like anal sex and why do they find appealing the idea of having anal sex. In women’s opinion, anal sex is not very pleasant, is not aesthetically good, often painful and satisfaction from anal sex is only for lucky few. Besides, reading articles on the Internet, women see anal sex only as a potential threat to their health. So why is there a stumbling block and why do men want anal sex?

Anatomical reasons

Asking once again why guys like anal sex so much, girls think that the matter is exceptionally in physiology:

  1. It is partially true because anal entrance feels tighter than the vagina, especially in women who gave birth to a child;
  2. The anus tightly wraps the penis along its entire length which does not happen in vaginal sex.

Physiological advantages end here. Besides, a man can get the same feeling of tightness inside the vagina as well if a woman trains her vaginal muscles.

Physiological reasons

The riddle why do guys like anal sex has not only a physiological answer. Male way of thinking plays a great role. What makes men be so enthusiastic about it?

  • Variety in sex is very important for a man, so he is always looking for something new to try with his woman. Pornography has a great impact and is one of the answers why do men like anal sex and other non-traditional types of sex. Movies for adults show all the pleasures of anal sex which excite men and they want to try it in their sex life;
  • Giving her consent to this experiment, a woman demonstrates her trust to the partner bu if she refuses a man can blame her that she does not love him. For a man, a woman’s consent is the only way to show sincere feelings at the moment;
  • This explanation is for romantic men. A romantic man needs to study every part of his woman and he loves her every cell. Here there should be no questions why these men like anal sex. They want to give pleasure to a woman and find some new secret spots;
  • It is not a secret that even in the world of animals, anal sex means dominance and many men feel that they do not only fully control the situation but they are conquerors and the master of the situation. It is not important that the fortress your “commander” wants to conquer is protected not by high and thick walls but only by your lace panties; believe us, it will be a great victory for your man which enhances his self-confidence. Actually, this is just one more step to conquering a woman. A man always needs the aim to reach. Such a dominant position of a man gives him endless mental satisfaction but it can develop into an abnormal egocentrism;
  • Why do men like anal sex? It can be an aesthetic aspect as many men like “behind” positions when they can enjoy the beauty of his woman;
  • In our society, sex is 99% the source of pleasure and many men are not dying to have children, anal sex is the way to completely relax. A man can ejaculate inside without any fuss or fear and this brings him a psychological comfort;
  • A man can have erectile dysfunction. Muscles which surround the anal opening tightly hold a penis in any state and a man can “feel” his woman. He is not worried that something went wrong;
  • Some men have a lot of pleasure not in the process itself but in talking a woman into anal sex. Persuasion of a partner is one more answer why men like anal sex. A woman’s consent give shim both physical pleasure and the feeling of confidence.

If you want to make your partner happy and have anal sex with him, do not forget to use lubricants and condoms and remember about being careful in anal sex (especially, for the first time) to avoid possible negative consequences.