Why do women like anal sex?

Many girls, at least, once heard their partners imploring them to try anal sex. The reaction to such an offer can be different: from a categorical refusal and accusations of perversion to curiosity and promise to think about it. However, statistically, nay-sayers are in the majority. Some women find anal sex humiliating, others are seriously worried about their health. There are also girls who regularly have anal sex and enjoy it. So, why do women like anal sex and what are the reasons?

Physiological factors

There is a widespread opinion that anal sex is men’s pleasure only. It is wrong. Many women have their first vaginal orgasm either during anal sex or shortly after it. Female genitals anatomy explains why women like anal sex:

  • Posterior vaginal vault is the most sensitive area in many women. In anal sex, it is actively stimulated by the penis and a woman can reach the orgasm. It happens because the rectum is very close to the posterior vaginal vault;
  • The anus is a powerful erogenous zone in some women. Its stimulation during a foreplay and sex relaxes a woman and gives her a lot of pleasure;
  • During anal sex, a partner usually caresses the clitoris of a woman or penetrates the vagina with his fingers and together with his movements in the anus a woman receives double pleasure;
  • The rectum is much narrower than the vagina of a woman who has an active sex life and it has its advantages. If the size of the penis is not enough to satisfy you in vaginal sex, anal sex is a good solution;
  • The problems of erectile dysfunction can also be partially solved by anal sex. Muscles around the anus tightly wrap the penis giving him the chance to have friction for his penis even with weak erection;
  • One more clear advantage of anal sex is its duration. The movements of a man are slow and careful and a girl has more time to completely relax.

Psychological and emotional factors

When it is all clear about anatomical and physiological reasons why women like anal sex, let us discuss psychological and emotional factors which are equally important:

  1. Anal sex requires tender and skillful touches and movements and understanding what each partner likes. In Ancient China, anal sex was believed to be the highest art of indulgence. Having decided to try anal sex, a woman opens up to her man and he learns new ways to give her pleasure with much care. Anal sex is an indirect sign of trust and harmony between the partners;
  2. Daily routine, work, home and children can lead a woman to chronic fatigue and make her irritable. For this reason, she needs pleasant emotions and sensations. Chronic fatigue does not allow a woman to feel better even after sex. Anal sex is one of the ways to bring something different into sex life and reveal a new range of feelings;
  3. Today no one is surprised to see a woman in leadership positions in large companies, a business woman or a woman doing extreme sports. However, deep inside her, a woman wants to obey to a strong man. And where can she bring her desire into life if not in bed with her husband? In anal sex, a man is dominating a woman, the process is under his complete control and it greatly excites many women;
  4. Another answer to the question why girls like anal sex is a minimal risk of spontaneous pregnancy. A woman is free from negative thoughts and receives a lot of pleasure from sex with her partner. However, you should be aware that the sperm can enter the vagina, so ask a man to remove the sperm with a tissue.

How not to spoil the pleasure?

To have a maximum pleasure, your partner should voluntarily agree to have anal sex and you should follow simple rules:

  • Use lubricants and condoms;
  • A longer foreplay is a guaranty of a woman’s pleasure;
  • Anal sex and fuss, aggressiveness are no compatible;
  • Painful sensations of one of the partners is an unquestionable signal to stop the intercourse.

A woman may experience pain and psychological discomfort if she is not ready enough or when a man is too rude and aggressive. These are the factors which explain why women do not want to have anal sex.