Yeast infection and sex

Almost every woman had a yeast infection, at least, once in her life. Yeast infection (candidiasis) is a common disease which tends to develop into a chronic form and brings a lot of inconveniences to a woman. Men can also have yeast infection, the penis glans and foreskin are usually affected. Candidiasis impacts sexual activity. One of the common questions is whether one with yeast infection can have sex. There is no strict prohibition but doctors strongly advise to avoid sex during therapy. If you or your partner have candidiasis, you should know why having sex is dangerous and follow your treatment regimen.

How can you get yeast infection

To understand whether one with yeast infection can have sex, learn how this disease develops and routes of transmission:

  • Yeast infection is caused by the fungus Candida. Most often Candida albicans is detected. Various types of this agent are present in a normal flora but there are some conditions which provoke their excessive activity. In the result, a person has candidiasis and all typical symptoms;
  • Factors provoking excessive pathogenic activity of the fungus mainly refer to the immune system and metabolism. An impaired immune system can lead to candidiasis. People with obesity and diabetes are in the group of risk. Hypovitaminosis and the use of glucocorticoids are also risk factors;
  • As special conditions are required for the development of the disease, sex itself does not necessarily lead to the yeast infection. During sex, the causative agent enters another organism but if a person has a healthy immune system he normally does not develop candidiasis. However, in future, even minor heat loss or psychological and emotional stress  will cause the symptoms of this disease.

Why is it necessary to avoid sex during treatment course?

The risk of infecting a partner is not the only negative thing in sex during yeast infection. There are some other aspects having a negative impact on the treatment course and on the health of an infected person:

  1. Microtraumas on mucous membranes as a result of making love. Vaginal or penile mucous membrane is already injured by inflammation and additional friction can only aggravate the situation;
  2. Different bacteria can easily penetrate through the injured mucous membrane leading to a secondary infection. Having sex with a casual partner, you can be infected by other sexually transmitted diseases;
  3. Sex during yeast infection significantly decreases the effectiveness of medications. The therapy for candidiasis includes locally applied antimycotic suppositories or vaginal tablets. These medications create a thin protective film which is destructed during sex;
  4. Whether to have sex during yeast infection or not also depends on a psychological condition of an infected person. Very often candidiasis is accompanied by burning or itching. Sex will unlikely be pleasurable for a man or a woman as he or she will only think about his or her disease.

Alternative sex during yeast infection

Many couples try to find some alternative ways to have an active sexual life and choose oral or anal sex, especially if one of the partners has chronic candidiasis. However, these alternatives also have their own peculiarities:

  • Men and women often get really upset when they learn that yeast infection can be transmitted during oral sex. Fungus Candida affects mouth and tongue mucous membrane  and the risk to get infected is very high;
  • However, we can not give an absolutely negative answer to the question whether it is ok to have oral sex during yeast infection. Oral sex is acceptable if an infected partner will have an active role (unless he or she has oral infection);
  • Men want to know whether anal sex is ok during yeast infection. If a man is not infected (you can know about it for sure only if you have the results of a lab test), this type of sex is allowed. Partners should follow all the rules for anal sex during yeast infection and use condoms and lubricants. Never have anal and vaginal sex at the same time and make sure that natural vaginal lubrication does not get on the penis.

Sex and chronic yeast infection

It is more reasonable to avoid sex for some time. Doctors recommend to wait for two weeks and only then one can have sex after the therapy for yeast infection. This period is necessary to restore protective functions of the body.

A chronic condition can last for several years with periods of aggravation and remission. To exclude sex is not a way out. Partners can adjust to the situation and protect themselves with the help of the following rules:

  1. You can have sex during yeast infection only in the period of remission if a partner does not have any painful sensations;
  2. It is very important to make sure that another partner will not get infected, so he or she should regularly undergo medical examinations and take lab tests. It is especially true for men as they can have symptom-free yeast infection;
  3. Condoms during sex is a must but you should understand that they do not provide 100% protection against the causative agents of yeast infection;
  4. Before having a regular sex, both partners undergo treatment with the use of antimycotic medications;
  5. Avoid sex if you have cold-related diseases or if you have just experienced serious physical or emotional stress. It can provoke a relapse of yeast infection.